Carrer d'Adra

This street, which bears the name of a town in Almeria with which the people of Masnou did coastal trading, is one of the oldest streets in the municipality. Located close to the sea, the gardens in front were replaced by blocks of flats, it still conserves the structure of cases de cós (or main street houses), a type of single-family home typical of many towns on the Maresme coast, with one storey and the courtyard in front.

In this beach district, one can watch the hustle and bustle at the shipyards, fishermen with their daily catches and ships being loaded and unloaded.In the mid-19th century, three master shipwrights worked here: Pere Sust, Pau Jubany and the Carreras (Joan Mont Carreras i Calçada and his sons Benet and Manuel). They were often seen constructing traditional Mediterranean two-masted sailboats such as brigantines and pollacres, with sizes ranging from 50 to 300 gross tonnes.

The shipyards were extremely rudimentary, although construction required many hands from many trades, including operators, shipwrights, caulkers, carpenters, rope makers, sail masters... and one year of intensive labour was required to craft a three-masted sailboat.Some 100 people buzzed around the huge ship carcasses, surrounded by enormous frameworks of crossbeams and posts, and huge stacks of wood. The overwhelming noise of pounding and chopping and caulking was dominated by the hammers preparing pieces of iron.

Carrer d'Adra

Foto 1. Fotografia actual. Núria Duran. Fons documental: Museu Municipal de Nàutica del Masnou.

Foto 2. Conjunt de cases. Núria Duran. Fons documental: Museu Municipal de Nàutica del Masnou.

Foto 3. Detall de la façana. Núria Duran. Fons documental: Museu Municipal de Nàutica del Masnou.

Foto 4. Recreació històrica en 3D. Josep R. Casals. Fons documental: Museu Municipal de Nàutica del Masnou.